PineSkins is the second series investigating how pine bark, normally considered a by-product of the wood industry can become more valuable through design. These are every day objects, shapes and techniques with unique aesthetics borrowed from the trees. Thus the material becomes a living extension the tree long after the wood has been cut to pieces.


A story of a Pine Tree


Has the industrial approach made forests into factories delivering wood as its final product? Furthermore, the mass production and processing of the tree industry even resembles principles of cattle breeding which provides meat. By acknowledging these similarities one can see how the bark becomes a link between trees as a living organism and wood as the end-product.



PineResin is the sap of the pine tree. Extracted resin is a thermoplastic yellowish mass also called colophony. It reacts to temperature changes from hard to soft and pliable.

As a part of PineSkins project is to explore the opportunities of this material. New explorations will be added soon.