PineSkins, as the name suggests, is the skin of a Pine tree. Within the tree cutting industry pines are valued for its cheap timber, which leaves the bark of the tree a waste. This project gives the bark a new purpose – it becomes a living extension of the tree long after the wood has been cut in pieces.

The pine bark differs from traditionally used tree barks; it cannot be harvested from a living tree. A pine tree would die without its skin. Therefore the bark is harvested in collaboration with a tree cutter. Harvesting takes place right after the tree cutter cuts the tree for his business. 

This leather-like material surprises with its softness in contrast to the thick and harsh character associated with pine trees. Fresh bark is treated with natural ingredients that preserve its softness.  Afterwards it can be coated with an enriching layer of finishing and colour pigments.

PineSkins material.jpg

It is important for me as a designer to let the material take the shape it wants to take. We often bend and transform materials into shapes we envision. However, for me that magic happens when the material determines what it wants to become. As a result I design every day products that respect the character of the bark and in its shape reminds us on trees with its irregular shapes.